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Stephen Kanagadas is a native Sri Lankan Tamil who was born into a Hindu family.  He came to Canada when he was twenty years old.

He came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour in March 18, 1995 in Toronto.  As God directed his life he felt the calling of God in his life especially in the field of mission and evangelism.

The Lord took him to Vavuniya in Sri Lanka in the month of January 2009 when war suddenly broke out in Sri Lanka.  He decided to stay back in Sri Lanka for 3 months and help those who were admitted into the hospitals and camps as victims of the war. 
Since returning to Canada, his heart cries out for the salvation of the people of Sri Lanka.  He has an extreme burden to share the gospel of Christ with the people who have lost all hope.

Stephen and Rebecca who is also from Sri Lanka, were married in 2010.
As a result of his call, Stephen and Rebecca entered the approval process with the PAOC to return to Sri Lanka full-time as a Global Workers. 

Their role as Church Planter and Fellowship Facilitator is one endorsed and approved by the Executive Committee of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Sri Lanka.  The fellowship has sought to engage Tamil Sri Lankans in the north and east of the country but have not had, to this point, personnel to accomplish this vision.  Coming from a Tamil background, Stephen and Rebecca will be able to fulfill this strategic goal of the PAOSL.  In addition, they will also be involved in compassionate work with Tamil refugees affected by the civil war. 

Stephen and Rebecca plan to move to Sri Lanka early in 2011. 


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