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Cavell has been involved in various ministries in Thailand. She has taught missionary kids, instructed Thai students at English-as-a-Second Language programs, written Sunday school curriculum and trained teachers in the use of this curriculum, teaching and administration at Thailand Pentecostal Bible College and Women's Ministries. In 2004, Cavell moved to the north of Thailand and is involved as advisor to the district, in teaching at the Ministry of Love Bible Training Center and working with new, young leaders in church planting/cross-cultural ministry. She continues teaching teacher training seminars, and teaching at Thailand Pentecostal Bible College as well as helping with developing and training Thai missionaries. Since 2008 she has given oversight to the CCP program in Thailand.


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The Abundant Love Children’s Home's main goal is to give Hill tribe children an opportunity to attend school and therefore increase their education and future opportunities. In addition, the home strives to provide a loving warm environment for the children where their basic needs for care, love, nutrition and nurture are met. Abundant love has 90 children.

n 2002 Abundant Love Children’s Home began with 60 children ( grades 1 through 4) from 25 Hmong and Karen villages, in 3 connecting provinces; eg Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and MeaHongSon. These children are educationally challenged since most of the villages do not have elementary or high schools. In villages with a school building there remains a lack of teachers and teaching is sporadic due to the remote area and the lack of accessible roads making it impossible for children or teacher to travel during the rainy season. It is therefore necessary for children to move to a boarding school or live in hostels located near schools. The cost of sending children to these hostels is often an obstacle to the opportunity for education.

This year (2008-2009) there are 55 boys and 45 girls living at Abundant Love from 24 villages attending the Ban Mai Sawan Elementary School. Since we were able to open a second home (Abundant Blessing for Youth) for the High

School Students in May of 2006, 40 high school students plus a projected 18 Ministry of Love Bible Training Center Students are now living in these facilities.

1. To provide opportunity to underprivileged children to receive education to grade 12 according to the government policy, by providing the essentials of life for example food, lodgings, and school supplies.
2. To give opportunity for the children to hear and understand the Word of God, so that they will have a solid base for life.
3. To evangelize with children so that they will be given opportunity to decide for Jesus, grow spiritually and use their spiritually giftings to build the church.
4. So that children can have a safe and healthy place to live, study and grow, that they will be instructed in the basics for health care and able to instruct others.
5. To develop the child’s personality so that he is ready to cross cultural differences, and control himself as he enters society among the people of the plains.
6. To develop life skills by providing a variety of vocational experiences.

Proposed Project
Since the present location is on land owned by the school and any buildings on this site become the property of the school, the Ministry of Love Church would like to purchase property and develop the land for the Abundant Love Children’s Home. This land would be used both as a site for living facilities and for agriculture (vegetables, fruit and animal husbandry) development, thus providing for the feeding needs of the children. The land has access to a water supply which will make it possible to have a year around fish project as well.

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